Contibutions to

Thank you for your interest in contributing to my website! Even though my photo collection is quite large and is growing every week, contributions help this website grow and allow the display of photos that I may not have been able to capture.

Guidelines for photos:
- Before sending any photos my way, please contact "" by email first. I will email you back within a few days time.

- The photo should be of high resolution, with low levels of blurriness. Photos 1024x768 pixels would be the minimum I would accept, but anything higher would be great. Any images taken at 4000x2000 or higher will likely be downscaled to save on disk space.

- Please submit additional information when submitting your photo(s) such as the date of capture, the location where it was taken at, and what route it was on, etc.

- I will only accept digital photos. At this time, I don't have a high quality scanner that is capable to scan images. However, if you email me I can certainly make exceptions.

- My main focus is on Canadian transit systems (particulaily on the west part of the country). However, if you send me a decent sized collection I can certainly add new companies/agencies currently not on my website.

- As always, the original photographer remains the copyright owner. I will always add a watermark to each image, and information in the decription crediting the original photographer.

- Only the original photographer and/or current copright owner is allowed to submit photos to my website. I will try my best to prevent stolen work from being uploaded to this website, however some may slip through the cracks. If you see your work on my website without your consent, immediately email and we can work something out.

- Just remember that this is my website, and I can choose whatever gets uploaded to it. By emailing your photo submissions doesn't guarantee your photo's addition to my website.

Please email for all photo submissions!